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Portable Heating

Dimplex portable heaters provide you with personal zone-heating for fast warm-up of your space. They require much less space and come in a range of designs to suit your heating needs and requirements.

Electric portable heating offer a number of major benefits:

1. Flexible – Perfect for almost any room [except bathrooms], they are useful for providing heat to areas that have been extended, but where it is not feasible or desirable to extend the main heating system

2. Energy saving – allows to heat a specific room as opposed to the entire home

3. Safe & reliable - Unlike gas portable heaters, there are no fumes to worry about and no bottles to change. The majority of Dimplex portable heaters are also BEAB approved.

4. Supplementary heating - Ideal solution if you need additional heat in a baby’s nursery or elderly person’s room for example.

5. No installation: Dimplex electric portable heaters simply plug in.

6. Innovative - Selected Dimplex portable heaters feature the latest technology including oil free radiators, self righting fans and designer styles. With a wide choice of colours and finishes, today’s heaters can be fashion items too!

Which portable heater should I choose?

There are many different types of portable heating, so ensuring you buy the correct product for your requirements is important.

Select a type of portable heater from the list below or from the menu to see the key benefits for each type:

Convector Heaters

Fan Heaters

Multi-Purpose Heaters

Oil-Free Radiators

Air Dryer