Belling Fridge Formation

Belling Fridge Formation

| written by amackenzie

Okay groceries, let’s get in Fridge Formation! Have you ever wondered how to best organise your fridge and freezer? Get organised before the kids go back to school with the help of some tips and tricks on how to stock your Belling fridge and freezer for optimum freshness, efficiency and capacity usage. Whether you are looking for Free-standing or Integrated, Under-counter or Table Top or American style Refrigeration, Belling will have the perfect addition to your home.

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Stocking your Belling Fridge

  • The top shelf is the mildest and is best for pre packed food such as yoghurt, milk and cheese.
  • The temperature of the doors will fluctuate as they are opened and closed. As a result, this is where food with longer shelf lives should be stored such as juices, jams and butter.
  • The bottom shelf is coldest and should be occupied by meat, fish and sealed poultry such as packaged ham.
  • The drawers are perfect for salad, fruit and vegetables.
  • Don’t overstock your fridge as air needs circulate around the food to keep it cold.
  • Clean spills immediately with warm water to ensure cleanliness and hygiene.
  • Keep the temperature between 0 and 5 degrees Celsius.

American Style Fridge Freezers

Our fabulous American Style Fridge Freezers come in 4 stunning models from Multi-door to Ice and Water function and all are frost free so you won’t need defrost the freezer section!

Stocking your Belling Freezer

  • Remove cardboard boxes and outer packaging from food such as pizzas and ice creams.
  • Flatten down bulky packs like frozen bags of vegetables and fruit.
  • As with your fridge, meat should be stored on the bottom shelf.
  • Initial freezing is most efficient if food is placed on the lowest shelf of the freezer in a single layer.
  • The temperature should always be set at -18 degrees as it’s the most efficient and safest way of storing food.
  • If fresh food is being stored it should initially be stored at -23 degrees (or on superfreeze/ fast freeze) setting.

Free-standing Chest Freezers

Our Belling chest freezers are perfect for growing families who need extra storage space. Suitable for use indoors or outdoors in sheds, greenhouses and garages and available in six different sizes to suit your needs!

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