Roberts Radio - discover our key features

Roberts Radio - discover our key features

| written by amackenzie

Wi-Fi Connectivity

With built-in WiFi, connect to your home network and you can access thousands of internet radio stations and podcasts, and stream from your smart phone, tablet or PC.


With built-in Bluetooth, you can stream music and podcasts from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Spotify Connect

Spotify Connect allows your Spotify selections to be played through the radio, remotely controlled from your iPhone, iPad or Android device. Spotify Connect also allows you to transfer the playing of the sound to other Spotify Connect enabled devices under the control of your tablet or smartphone.

Once your Spotify account has been connected to your radio, you can also start Spotify playing from the radio without needing to use the Spotify app.

For more details about setting up Spotify Connect, please go to To use Spotify your Stream radio you’ll need to download the Spotify app and you’ll also need a Spotify Premium account.

Spotify is an internet-based online music service with millions of songs available which you can access wirelessly using your radio, computer and other devices. Browse music by artist, album, genre, playlist or record label, or make direct searches for known music.

Internet Radio

Internet radio has no geographic limits. Whereas currently - dependent upon your location - you may be able to tune in to between 50 to 100 stations, by utilizing the web, internet radio has access to a vast broadcast spectrum, covering the entire planet. Internet radio is delivering more programming and choice than ever before in the history of broadcasting!

Imagine having instant access to a selection of over 20,000 stations in any genre imaginable? Thanks to internet radio, that’s just what’s on offer. Individual stations offer dozens of station selections for very specific genres, such as Alternative Rock, Blue, Folk Soul and many, many more. Whatever you’re a fan of, you’re sure to find a station for you!

You can easily search for an internet radio by name, location or genre on your Roberts Smart Radio. If you prefer a particular type of music - Jazz, for example - you can easily search for a radio station that broadcasts that type of music, and you can choose from a list of Jazz radio stations regardless of location.

Be in Dublin and listen to a station in California with perfectly clarity, or be in London and tune into your favourite station in Ireland. Radio is no longer limited to where you are, with internet radio you can listen to the whole world.

With a traditional radio, you’re limited by the strength of the signal. Move away from that signal and the station you’re listening to crackles and disappears - you may have experienced this on a car journey when your local radio station begins to fade - internet radio doesn’t suffer from this because it comes via the web rather than radio waves.

Listening to radio via the web comes with very exciting benefit. You can listen to any radio station from around the world, wherever you happen to be! You could still tune into your local station even if you’re on the other side of the world.

DAB Radio

DAB stands for Digital Audio Broadcasting, this is a way of broadcasting radio digitally via a network of transmitters, it provides listeners with more choice, digital sound quality and more information. Because of the way DAB technology works, broadcasters can transmit many more stations than ever before.

DAB digital radio delivers sound quality. The technology allows the receiver to lock on to the strongest signal it can find and ignore everything else - this eliminates the hiss, crackle and fade so familiar on analogue radio.

A DAB digital radio will tune to a station at the touch of a button, no more fine-tuning a station to get the best reception. A DAB set allows the listener to scroll through a list of available stations by name, then tune in by pressing the ‘select’ button.

Smart Radio

Thanks to Roberts, the radio, part of our everyday lives since the 1920’s, is now smarter than ever. Whether you go for one of our classic or modern designs, portable or mains-powered - a world of exciting entertainment awaits.

To get the most of your smart radio, it’s important that you connect it to the internet via your home network. All our smart radios will allow you to connect wirelessly using Wi-Fi. Once connected, you can access thousands of internet radio stations and podcasts, plus stream music from your PC or Mac.

FM, DAB and DAB+ tuners mean a smart radio by Roberts allows you to listen to both local and national stations - all with crystal clear sound quality. Choose from over 20,000 internet radio stations & thousands of Podcasts, with dozens of genres, and finding a Podcast you want to listen to is easy on a Roberts smart radio - search by location, genre or using part of the name of the podcast.

Thanks to built-in Music Player, our smart radios will easily connect to your PC, Mac or NAS drive and stream all your music collection you’ve built up over the years. Ease of use is key, and all our smart radios can be simply controlled via the UNDOK app - available for both iOS and Android. You can also use the handy on-device controls.

Many of our smart radio also feature Spotify Connect. So, as long as you have a Spotify premium account, you can choose from around 20 million tracks and play them directly on your Roberts smart radio.


UNDOK is the recommended iOS and Android app for your Roberts Smart Radio, as it allows easy control of your Smart Radio.

Browse internet radio stations, select DAB radio stations, control and stream your own music collection via UPnP/DLNA from a local PC, stream your favourite tracks and playlists via Spotify Connect and more!

The Now Playing screen provides radio station or media information with direct control of the radio volume. The app also allows control of multiple radios.

Download UNDOK for free from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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