Summer freezing – Chest freezers from Belling

Summer freezing – Chest freezers from Belling

| written by amackenzie

With the summer finally upon us, get yourself prepared with a chest freezer from Belling. Determine your desired capacity to suit your household and choose from a range of options. With capacity sizes starting at 100 liters ranging to 400 liters. Stockpile for the months ahead and be prepared for all occasions.

Features include:

Frost security- Keeping your freezer food frozen while not allowing ice buildup around the freezer.

Interior LED lighting- Great visibility with eco long-lasting LED lighting for full view in the entire freezer.

Safety lock- Perfect for the families with young children, store your chest freezer in your garage or shed to keep out of view and reach of children.

Super freezing- Rapid freeze any of your perishable foods with this feature, switch to a low temperature perfect for fresh foods. This feature will also automatically shut off after 52 hours, when your products are fully frozen.

Flame Retardant- This product has a flame-retardant backing to protect against fires.

Smart tips for a chest freezer:

- Portion size the meal you freeze so you don’t have to separate out meals while the food is frozen.

- Use colour coded bags so you know what type of food is in each bag.

- Label bags with the date of freezing.

Freezer friendly foods:

Meat- Bacon, Beef, Pork, Chicken, Turkey, Fish, All best frozen raw.

Fresh Produce- Berries, Vegetables, Fruit, beans.

Foods not to freeze:

Lettuce and other leafy greens, cream-based soups and sauces, fried foods, rice or pasta that is fully cooked, hard-boiled eggs and mayonnaise-based salads.

Fabulous freezable meals:

- Classic shepherd’s pie

- No fuss lasagna

- Fresh fish cakes

- Meatballs (cook pasta from fresh)

- Chicken and leek pie

- Homemade fish fingers

View the full range of Belling Chest freezers here. Find your local Belling stockist here.