Air curtains/barriers are devices which act as a defence or barriers to prevent air moving from one space to another.

Benefits of Air Curtains:

- Prevents costly heating and air conditioning from escaping the building.

- Reduce drafts and discomfort – maintaining comfort levels for staff and customers alike

- Safeguarding clear entries and exits out of the building

- Reduces running costs for heating and air conditioning as they help to seal the building from the environment, making the building more energy efficient.

How do they work?

1. Air curtains work by separating two different temperature zones with an invisible curtain of air. They provide a fast moving air stream to block air movement through the door whilst allowing the door to remain open.

2. Placing an air curtain above or to the side of the entrance covering the full door width maximises performance by stopping heated air escaping in winter, or cooled air escaping in summertime.

3. Positioning the air curtain too far from the entrance compromises performance with air leaking around the airstream.

4. Where extractor units are used within the building, ventilation should also be provided to equalise pressure differences for maximum air curtain effectiveness.

The Dimplex range of air curtains & barriers include:

- Air Curtains - Over door air curtains

- Air Barriers – 3m Range: Over door commercial air barriers c/w controls

- Air Curtains – 4m: Over door commercial air barriers c/w controls