Q-Rad - the intelligent electric radiator

Q-Rad monitors the effect of its actions on a room’s temperature. It knows precisely how long it takes to reach the desires temperature and when to turn off as it approaches that target. This minimises the energy that it uses, while maximising comfort - so you stay warm for the lowest possible cost. Thanks to its low thermal mass, Q-Rad is able to heat up more quickly and react more responsively to changes in room temperature than a fluid-filled electric radiator. This means improved control, comfort and energy saving.

Eco start - delayed start anticipatory control

Eco start is Q-Rad’s unique, self-learning delayed start function. This learns the thermal characteristics of a room then determines how long the appliance needs to operate to reach target temperature according to room size, heat losses, prevailing weather conditions and so on. By measuring the heat-up and cool-down times of the room, and how they vary with external temperature, the heater works out what time it needs to start heating to reach he user-defined target temperature at a specified time. This minimises wasted energy and can deliver cost savings for users. For example, say you plan to get up at 7 am and your desired temperature is 21°C: with a traditional system, you would need to estimate when to set the heating to come on to ensure it preheats the room in time. Depending on your settings and the prevailing temperature, this could mean that the room is still cold when you get out of bed or that it has been warm for some time before it needed to be. However, this clever feature means that Q-Rad anticipates when it needs to start heating to reach 21°C by 7 am, preheating for shorter periods when the weather is mild and longer periods when the weather is cooler.

- Highly accurate electronic thermostat (to +/-0.2°C)

- Advanced touch control system offering temperature selection and preset programmes for maximum control with complete flexibility.

- 24-hour and 7-day timer control ensures suitability for domestic and commercial applications.

- Instant warmth through Dual-Element Technology, providing the perfect balance of convection and radiant heat.

- Stylish design to complement the Quantum heating system.

- Open Window Technology automatically reduces output to prevent heat loss, if a window is left open thereby saving you money.

Low thermal heat mass, providing:

- Faster room heat up time and lower energy consumption than a fluid-filled electric radiator with comparable output.

- Responsive reaction to changes in temperature to prevent overheating and energy wastage.

- Stylish design to complement the Quantum heating system.

Other Panel Heaters

Dimplex also offer a range of other panel heaters which take advantage of low cost off peak electricity and are ideal in commercial settings such as shops, offices and restaurants.

Range includes:

- Low Surface Temperature Heaters

- Electronic Panel Heaters (EPX, Monterey, Girona & Saletto range)

- Electro-Mechanical Panel Heaters

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