Dimplex Free-E is a wireless energy management system that works with solar PV installation to heat the domestic hot water tank without cost. Free-E works by monitoring a household’s energy usage accurately and diverting surplus energy to the hot water tank’s immersion heater, instead of back to the grid.

By utilising the surplus energy generated by the PV system, a household could use an additional 70% of the energy generated which may result in a sizeable reduction to energy bills.

Free-E is 97% efficient at automatically converting PV energy to hot water. There is no need to remember to switch appliances on to use up the solar generated energy. Even on cloudy days, Free-E can utilise up to 97% of the electricity of the generated within as home.

The Benefits of Free-E

Reduced energy bills

Once installed, Free-E can help reduce a household’s energy bills by diverting surplus PV generation to the immersion heater in the property’s hot water tank, instead of back to the grid. The hot water tank makes an ideal energy store as it is available consistently every day of the year and able to hold the energy until it is used.

Increased return on investment

The perfect partner to a PV installation, Free-E enables homeowners to increase the return on their investment by maximising their energy usage. The exact savings will vary for every property dependent on central heating fuel, size of PV installation, hot water consummation and the current method of hot water heating.

Reduced carbon footprint

The energy generated by a PV installation has a carbon footprint of zero. In contrast, when burning a fossil fuel or by using electricity from the grid to heat water, carbon is emitted into the atmosphere. Simply by using the PV energy generated within the home, homeowners can reduce their carbon emissions significantly.

How does Free-E work?

Free-E can be fitted retrospectively to homes with an existing solar PV installation or as part of a package with a new PV installation – no matter which PV system is used. It can also be used with other microgeneration systems such as hydro or microwind. And there’s no need for the homeowner to change their current hot water tank or electrical supply.

The Free-E wireless energy management system comprises two parts:

1. The Energy Meter sits adjacent to the incoming mains supply. It will typically be installed next to the fuse box. This monitors the flow of electricity and transmits this information wirelessly to the Free-E unit.

2. The Free-E unit sits next to the hot water tank. If surplus energy is available, it will divert this free energy to the immersion heater, rather than giving it away to the national grid. As a result, some of the household’s hot water is heated for free.

Free-E features at a glance

Free-E boasts a number of user and installer–friendly features:

Simple to install: Quick and easy to install. As long as there is a hot water tank with immersion heater, there is no need for any replacement.

Wireless: No lengthy or unsightly cables are involved.

Automatic: Free-E adjusts the flow of energy to the immersion heater automatically as home consumption varies.

Easy to use: No need to monitor the system once installed – simply enjoy using free hot water.

3 year warranty: In the unlikely event of a problem, every Free-E comes with a three-year warranty for complete peace of mind.

Compliant: Free-E is fully compliant with European regulations (EMC).

Install friendly: Intuitive commissioning allows for simple set-up, while a self-check feature confirms correct installation of the Energy Meter.

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