Panel heater or direct acting heaters are slimline and wall mounted heaters that provide direct heat quickly when the user needs it.

How do panel heaters work?

Our range of panel heaters have low thermal inertia allowing them to heat up rapidly in response to heating requirement. They also have an electronic or gas filled thermostat to avoid temperature drift. The range of controls allow the user to match their heating requirements with their schedule. This is achieved by using convection heat or a combination of radiation or convection, to heat up a space quickly. This means that the room is warm for the period of time selected and the temperature can be maintained for the duration of occupancy.

Benefits of panel heaters:

- 100% efficient.

- Rapid heat up of space.

- Can be tailored to a home’s occupancy schedule.

- Comfortable heated environment – maintains selected temperature for duration of occupancy.

Our range of panel heaters include:

- EPX Panel Heaters

- Monterey Panel Heaters

- Glass Fronted Girona Panel Heaters

- Low Profile Saletto Panel Heaters

- Panel Convectors

- Panel Oil Filled Radiators