Storage heaters are electric heaters which use cheaper, off-peak electricity to store heat. Dimplex offer four different levels of control, specifically designed to suit your needs

How do storage heaters work?

The national grid suppliers off-peak electricity to your house when demand for electricity is minimal i.e. during the off peak period

The off-peak electricity is supplied at a lower price than the standard rate. Because of this, it requires a separate off-peak electrical circuit and meter. This circuit operates solely on off-peak heaters. It is only turned on during the off-peak period dictated by your electricity supplier.

Similar to how a kettle uses an element to heat water, electricity heats elements in your heater. The elements slowly transfers heat over a number of hours to a very high density material that absorbs and stores heat for the following day. State of the art insulation material allows storage heaters to retain heat for as long as possible. When the off-peak heat finishes, the heat is slowly released into the room throughout the day. However the Quantum smart fan assisted model retains almost all the heat is required.

Benefits of storage heaters:

- Quick and simple installation – requires no pipers, boilers or flue

- Cost effective - 24 hours of warmth for the cost of 7 – 10 hours of cheap electricity

- 100% efficient

- Clean

- Safe

- Long lasting life

Our range of storage heaters include:

- Quantum Energy system (learn more here)

- Duoheat Radiators

- Ultra Slim Storage Heaters