Electric water heating is an efficient method of heating water directly with electric immersion that are in direct contact with the water, reducing energy losses than can be experienced from pipework, and circulating pumps.

Whether you require a standard hot water or one which uses renewable energy, Dimplex has the solution. Dimplex Unvented Cylinders carry capacities from 80 to 4000 litres for plentiful hot water and are ideal for installation in tandem with electrical heating or wet based systems.

How it works

Electric water heating uses an electric element in direct contact with water to heat either a cylinder of water (storage) or water as it is used (instantaneous).

Benefits of water heating:

1. Storage - water stores of between 7litres and 305litres can be used to provide hot water at the turn of a tap.

2. Instantaneous - By heating the water only as it is used energy usage is kept to a minimum. Instantaneous water heaters only turn on when they detect a demand for water, so can remain unused for long periods without using any energy.

3. Simple, no fuss solution - Electric water heating is a clean low-noise and simple water heating solution. With elements in direct contact with the water all heat input is transferred to the water, with no loss from pipework to and from a boiler.

4. Energy efficient - Instantaneous electric heaters heat water as it is used removing the energy required to heat a store of water that may not be entirely used.

Our range of water heating solutions include:

- Heat Pump Unvented Cylinders

- Heat Pump Open Vented Cylinders with Buffer

- Quantum Unvented Water Cylinders

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