Fan Heaters

Perfect for instant top-up heating, fan heaters are light weight and quick and easy to move around the home - they also offer a wide variety of features from Electric Climate control to oscillating functionality that helps to distribute the heat to a wider area.

What to consider when buying a fan heater

Style and design

Our fan and ceramic heaters come in a variety of styles, from letterbox, desktop and upright to ultra-modern speaker style tower fans.

Heat technology

Fans offer a wider heat distribution, warming the room around you, whereas ceramic heaters give off a mixture of radiant and convected heat, giving you a greater feeling of warmth.


Our wide range of fan are suitable for many uses, from home offices and living areas to workshops and sheds.

Our range of fan heaters include:

- WWUF2T - Winterwarm 2KW Upright Electric Fan Heater

- DXUF20T - 2 KW Upright Electric Fan Heater

- DXUF30TN - 3 KW Upright Electric Fan Heater

- DXFF20TSN – 2kW Electric Flat Fan Heater

- DXFF30TSN – 3Kw Flat Fan Heater

- FX20V – 2kW Bathroom Fan Heater

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