Multi-Purpose Heaters

Compact and easy to use, these versatile multi-purpose heaters provide low level localised heating. You can also manually adjust the thermostatic controls if you require the space to be maintained at a higher temperature. These heaters are IPX4 rated making them suitable in locations where damp and condensation prevail.

Where do people use multi-purpose heaters?

Loft spaces - the Coldwatcher can be freestanding or wall mounted within your loft to prevent pipes freezing, and also protect your belongings from any damage due to damp and condensation.

Greenhouses - using a Dimplex multi-purpose heater in sheds and greenhouses can protect your garden equipment from damage, and even prevent plants getting frost damage.

Home workshops or sheds - the Coldwater has been professionally tested against the British Standard for frost protection and will keep your equipment and belongings from frost damage.

Thermostatic technology

The thermostatic controls employed in the Coldwater mean that it will not begin to produce heat until the temperature drops to 7°C, ensuring you are only using the energy that you need - you also have the option to adjust this so it comes on at a higher temperature if necessary. It will heat the space to that level and maintain it until the temperature is reached before turning back off again. This way you are not paying for heat that isn’t required, whilst ensuring protection for your home.

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