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Software Updates


  1. connect the USB drive to your PC
  2. click on the chosen file (check your TV model first)
  3. save the file to your USB drive
  4. unmount your USB stick
  5. connect the USB stick to your TV
  6. menu
  7. Settings
  8. Satellite Settings
  9. SatcoDx
  10. Download SatcoDx

Walker Smart Box


  1. Download file, Filename (update Zip)
  2. Save or send to desktop
  3. Connect USB Stick to PC
  4. Sent file to USB Drive
  5. Remove Stick and connect to Walker Smart Box
  6. Power up Smart Box
  7. Wait for “Firmware updating” box to appear
  8. Select – install (update will begin)
  9. Click Yes in this box to delete temporary files