Internet Radio Migration

Internet Radio Migration: 9th May 2019

On 1st May 2019 we experienced a major outage of the Internet Radio & Podcast service used by our customers’ Internet Radio devices. This was caused by issues that were outside our control. Due to the ongoing stability issues our third-party technology supplier will be migrating to a new internet radio station database partner. No action will be required by yourself as the products will have/be automatically redirected to the new internet radio service provider over the next 24 hours. As a result of this change, there will be some differences between the new and old service, these are listed below.

Impacts on product user interface

While the technology partner has tried to minimise the impact to you, there are some differences between the new service vs the previous service. Listed below is a list of the changes you may experience:

- No support for ‘favourites’. However, stations can still be stored as presets

- The previous customer portal for ‘My Added Stations’ is no longer available, and so you can no longer use it to add your own stations. If you would like a station adding to the database then please raise a support ticket, and our partner will aim to get it added within 2 working days

- By using a new provider for the Internet Radio and Podcast directory. You may discover some new stations and podcasts that were not previously available, and you may find some stations and podcasts are missing. If you notice a station or podcast that you think is missing from the database, then please raise a support ticket and they will aim to get it added within 2 business days

- You may see some slight changes to the menu structure on your devices due to the change of provider

- Existing Internet Radio or podcast presets will be lost and need to be stored again

- Some stations/podcasts/genre may have a different name

- Station/podcast logos may be different

- Help menu is different

We apologise for any inconvenience caused as a result of these changes, which have been made in order to provide continuity of service. This is a large and complex migration and whilst this has been tested and rehearsed in advance there may be an initial period of reduced service stability. We will be monitoring the service closely during this time and will communicate any issues via the status page at