Radio Services Announcement


Dear Customer.

We regret to inform you that the BBC will close their Internet Streaming IP services, known as Shoutcast, from mid-2023, the final date is not known yet. This will mean that radios that rely on this technology will no longer be able to receive BBC radio stations via Internet radio. This is an industry standard and not unique to Roberts.

This will not affect models currently on sale or in the previous 3-5 years.

The BBC have confirmed that the message in Europe will not distinguish between affected and non-affected devices and should be ignored. If you hear the message in Europe, please refer to the list of affected devices above, and ignore this message.

Which products are affected?

The following radio models will not be able to receive BBC radio stations after the switch off date: 

  • iStream
  • ColourStream
  • Stream83i
  • Stream63i
  • Stream105
  • Stream106
  • Stream201
  • Stream202
  • Stream205
  • Stream207

The following radios may be affected, depending on their age and software version:

  • iStream2 (units with firmware version 1B4 will be affected)
  • Stream64i
  • Stream104 (units with firmware versions 100 and 105 will be affected)
  • Stream107
  • Stream217 (units with firmware versions 100, 101 and 104 will be affected)
  • Stream93i (units with firmware version 1.08 will be affected)


As listed above, some of our radios may be affected depending on their age and software version. Watch our guide below to find out how you can find your software version: